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Everything we do here at The Agency UK is built on the principle that when agents can spend more time building relationships with clients, everyone wins.

So we’re building the Estate Agency of every agent’s dreams, a once in a generation company, by combining the sophistication of a premium brand with the agility of a start-up and empowering agents from start to finish with great technology, operational support and personalised marketing strategies.

We’re partnering with the UK’s best and brightest estate agency talent, who we will support with everything they need to build a successful estate agency business, with no costly overheads.

Feeling like you have the support necessary to be the best you can be is crucial to our collective success. So, our support is unparalleled; offering in-house resources for everything you need to simplify day-to-day activities, allowing you to spend more time on high pay off activities.

You will be working alongside some of the most recognisable faces in Estate Agency, and you will have a single point of contact for mentoring, to leverage advice, technical support and anything else you might need to succeed.

As we grow our family of agent partners, we will collaborate, drive solutions and build without ego, creating a network of like-minded, hard-working and principled individuals as we work towards the collective goal of making The Agency UK, every agents, and also every clients, dream.

The Agency UK will provide you with state-of-the-art tools so that you can deliver an unparalleled experience to your clients.

We will empower you with a full suite of technology, with everything from a fully integrated CRM, prospecting, market intelligence reports and property data to a digital design studio.

Marketing and quality lead generation is at the forefront of our daily operations. We believe that it shouldn’t be down to the agent alone to generate listing opportunities, and that to successfully and sustainably attract clients, lead generation marketing should advertise both business brand and personal brand to encourage buy-in from UK customers.

You will be supported with everything from a personalised, content-rich, local landing page, personalised digital and paid social campaigns, to instant valuation tools and traditional prospecting material. All designed to increase exposure for your listings and to attract new clients.

Another part of our marketing function that helps you spend more time building your business and less at your desk is having access to our design studio which hosts a library of expertly-written client attracting content and sophisticated designs so that you can effortlessly customise beautiful print and social media collateral in seconds.
And once we convert those opportunities to booked appointments, we want to help you turn them to listings. So, we empower you with a second-to-none sellers’ package which includes professional photography and Matterport virtual tours.

Growth and training is as much about keeping up to date with market knowledge, industry trends and compliance regulations as it is about finding your why, developing your personal brand and building a business that allows you to lead the life you want to.

We start with building a personal and practical business plan on day one and adapting it over time becomes part of the daily routine. We pair that with ongoing mentorship from our experienced management team and peer to peer engagement, as well as specialised training in personal brand building, selling techniques and marketing skills to create the most well-rounded, successful estate agents.
Feeling inspired to act, is crucial to our collective success and so we are creating an environment where we can all do just that.

If you would like to be supported with all the above, whilst retaining 80% of your commission, please drop your contact details below and we will arrange a confidential chat with you.


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Working with us

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